Saša Antić

Stockholm based SAŜA ANTIĆ is a very talented stylist! She is styling everything from art to television. I especially like her interior styling though (hm, could that be because I am an interior fanatic...!?). It feels different from other styling. She is putting objects into another context than we are used to with original materials. The result feels very fresh and inspiring!

Photos from Saša Antić's website.

Camilla Krishnaswamy

Can you find any better inspiration images for summer picnics and dinners on the terrasse than these? Stylist CAMILLA KRISHNASWAMY is the creative mind behind all of this. I get little butterflies of happiness in my stomach (even though I am a vegetarian and normally think meat is something very distasteful) when I look at the beautiful setup, the summery colors and the amazing lighting. And I wonder if her last name is taken from somewhere or if she has had it since she was small, it is very nice and original in any case.

Stylist Camilla Krishnaswamy.

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