Viggos first expo

Yesterday we went to Paris to see an expo. We went to see Vuitton/Marc Jacobs at the musee d'art decoratif. Good expo, it was interesting to see how Vuitton has evolved!
It was not only Viggos first expo but also his first visit to Paris. It seemed as if he liked it a lot and the expo was so energy taking that he fell asleep sitting in his Babybjörn:)
The photos are really bad quality cause of the bad lighting in the museum but I thought it was worth showing.

More bookbinding

A new hobby

Yesterday my friend Elsie was here and she showed me how to do bookbinding. This is the result and I loved it! As soon as Viggo wakes up we will go to an art store and get some more material. I have so many ideas and hope that I will be able to do it all! The illustration on the cover is made by Elsie and the book is made by me.

4 months!

Today Viggo is turning 4 months old! Time really flies and he is changing everyday! The viking hat you can see on one of the photos was a gift. Elsie, my friend, made it! It is soo cute!!!

Yosuke Goda

Japanese artist Yosuke Goda is creating mural illustrations with only a black marker. Quite amazing if you ask me!

Viggo is fashionable wearing Ralph Lauren

Viggo has discovered his feet:)

My modest herbal garden

One of the years first barbecues!

We have a garage door!

Happy pills from Spain

My very dear friend Natalie brought these happy pills from Spain the other week. I love candy so they disappeared very quickly of course:)

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