Friday mood / Busy and fun

This weekend is going to be very busy but with lots of fun. On the list is a fleemarket, a 30th birthday party, cake baking and gardening.
I hope that you will have a great weekend!

Summer flowers!

When we were at the terrain yesterday, I had to take some flowers home (just because I was finally aloud to:) Now it smells like summer in the livingroom and the pink tulips make the kitchen come alive!

Photos by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

It is ours!!!

We signed the papers for the terrain yesterday!!! We are soo happy and all we want to do is clean up and make it nice! This had to be celebrated of course and we went there last night to have some champagne with some good friends!
Tomorrow we have a meeting with the house builder and if all goes well, they will start in June!

Photo by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

Nice vintage!

STILSAMT is a Swedish online shop with lots of nice vintage clothing and accessories! I don't own a lot of vintage, maybe because it is quite expensive here in France (it's like all the French flee markets, people try to sell crap for a ridiculous price). But I might change that, especially since I saw that it is possible to order from another country!
This is what I would like from there selection at the moment :

Russian scarf 169SEK
Vintage purse 149SEK

Blue clip on ear rings 59SEK
Scarf brosch 89SEK

Black belt 59SEK

Yellow summer belt 69SEK
Images from Stilsamt's website.

Amazing home

I have seen this home in Stockholm before a number of times but now I found out through TRENDENSER that it is for sale! If I lived in Stockholm and had the money, it would be a perfect home for me. I will at least get inspired from it when we decorate our house! The windows between the rooms are really interesting as well as the overall white feeling (although I am not sure my fiancee would agree with me, he is not as Scandinavian as me in his design style...). For more info on the sale go HERE.

Images from real estate Per Jansson's website.


SUPERMODULAR is a Belgian lighting company that makes both lighting for your interior as well as your exterior. For the interior these are my favorites! I love the ring! It looks like a UFO that has gotten stuck in your ceiling:)

I would really like to have one of these outside of our house! I can see them in front of me and they would fit perfectly with the rest of the garden!

Images from Supermodular's website.

Coctail + deluxe

My sister sent me an e-mail a while ago telling me that she would like to get pretty much everything from COCTAIL which is a store in Sweden (that I didn't know about until now). They have fun things, look at the pink flamingo or the piggy bank for example. I used to have a piggy bank like that when I was small so there is a lot of nostalgia in this store!

Summer spirit

Last week was quite crazy with the volcano mess and a very nice impuls visit! Therefore my friday mood was a bit crazy and I didn't have time to blog that day... Now everything is back to normal (almost anyways) and I am hoping to be able to blog like normal.
Let's start this week by some summer inspiration. These wedding flowers are very nice and summery and I am looking forward to all the romantic moments that are waiting!

Carbon hotel

It is summer soon and time to discover new places in the sun! If you plan to stay in Genk, Belgium for a few nights, why not try out this really nice and modern hotel called CARBON HOTEL. The style is very modern with natural elements that make it feel less stiff.

Photos from

Eat Tokyo

One of the reasons why my parents came for a visit was our birthdays. Since we are all celebrating 0's and 5's we went to a really nice restaurant in the contemporary museum PALAIS DE TOKYO in Paris. The food was delicious and the ambiance was modern and relaxed!

Photos by the family Näsström.

Stine Pettersen

My parents are still here since their flight was of course cancelled due to the volcano eruption but I have a few minutes to post something since we are sitting here waiting for news from the airport...
STINE PETTERSEN is a very talented Norwegian photographer who also has a very nice blog that you can see HERE. I really like the lightness of her photos and the mystery around them!

Photos by Stine Pettersen.

Wooden floors.

It will only be one post today because my parents are coming from Sweden and I still have a lot to prepare before I have to go and pick them up. It's going to be a lot of fun! I haven't seen them since last summer so it was about time! Since they are here for ten days, I will take a bit of vacation from bloging until the 18th of April, that way I can fully enjoy the time we have:)
I will leave you with these nice wooden floors. We are hesitating about the floor downstairs. My fiancee want an almost black floor where as I prefer a natural wooden floor. What do you think?

Friday mood / Thoughtful

This friday I am a bit in my own world. I just found out that my friend Nathalie's dog Tina died. Many of you probably think that it's just a dog, but she was a family member of their family and it will be very empty without her. She was with them for 15 years which is more than half of my friends life. So today I feel a bit like the girl on the photo.


Russian graphics

ALEXEY HATTOMONKEY has made funny packaging for milk. If I was a child, I would only want to drink milk coming out of these cartons! Go and check out some of his other work! His website is only in Russian at the moment but it's quite easy to find your way around.

Photos from Alexey Hattomonkey's website.

If I had 6000 euros...

I would buy this amazing bathtub from AGAPE and put it in our upstairs bathroom!


No words are needed, just look at these beautiful branches that my lovely friend gave me this weekend! Maya (my cat) also seems to like them!

Photos by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

Ditte Isager

DITTE ISAGER is a very talented Danish photographer who takes beautiful photos! I really like her interior and food photos. They feel very authentic with a touch of Scandinavia.

Photos by Ditte Isager.

Broccoli pie

My broccoli pie tasted better than the cupcakes so I will give you the recipe for this one. Very easy to make, especially if you buy already made pie dough, like I do.

Photo by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

Ready made organic pie dough
500 grams of fresh broccoli
1 leak, chopped
I also added 1/2 a red pepper
2-3 decilitres of grated cheese
1 teaspoon of tarragon
3 eggs
3 decilitres of milk
salt, pepper

Parboil the broccoli in salted water for 5-8 minutes.
Put broccoli, leak, red pepper and tarragon on the piedough.
Add grated cheese on top.
Mix eggs, milk, salt and pepper and add it to the pie.
Bake in the oven, 200 degrees celsius, for about 30 minutes.

Pretty but not so yummy

I tried to make cupcakes from a new recipe that I found in a Swedish Elle magazine. It was an article about Paris Hilton cooking her favorite food. Well, I don't think I have the same taste as her because the cupcakes are not good at all! They are too fat, heavy and don't have much taste.
But at least they look pretty...

Photos by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

Light home

I love surfing around on the Swedish real estate agencies websites! Recently I found this home for sale HERE. The huge mirror is absolutely in my wishlist as well as the smart cupboard for the TV. Not to mention the kitchen, which is small but practical and very nice!

Photos from Eklund's real estate agency.


ANTHROPOLOGIE is an online shop with lots of interesting products! I especially like the Ipod stand in shape of a tree trunk or the beautiful books filled with all the classical litterature! Or the colorful straws in a light summer drink!

Photos from Anthropologie's website.


Back to reality after a weekend filled with laziness, magic and lots! of chocolate. And why stop with the sweets! Here are some interesting wedding cakes with different textures and they are all very tasty looking!

Friday mood / Glad Påsk!

Glad Påsk (Happy Easter in Swedish) everyone! I hope that you will eat lots of eggs and have a cosy and fun time with your family and friends!

Lazy days!

I thought these photos styled by KML DESIGN gives inspiration to this long weekend which will hopefully be filled with lazy mornings in bed!

Images from KML Design's website.

Scandinavian light

Also check out these photos styled by KML DESIGN. They breath spring and Scandinavian light! I love the black milk packaging! Do you think it exist for real?

Photos from KML Design's website.

Happy grey

I really like this home for some reason. Normally I am not a big fan of grey and need white, white, white. But this home really has a character and feels very cosy. Stylist is Katrine Martensen-Larsen from KML DESIGN.

Photos from KML Design's website.

Back to school

My friend LARA has been looking for old school posters and she found some really nice ones HERE! The good thing is that you can download them in high quality so it could be a cheap and very nice idea!
I would love to have one in our new house to contrast a bit with our modern and Scandinavian style!

"Tea buns"

In Swedish these buns are called "tea buns". I am not sure why but I do know that they are really good! You can also use them as hamburger bread!

Photo by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

For 14 buns

50 grams of yeast
1/2 decilitre of oil
5 decilitres of milk
1 tablespoon of honey
1 1/2 teaspoons of salt
1 decilitre of crushed rye
3 decilitres of rye flour
10-11 decilitres of flour
1 egg

Heat up oil and milk until finger warm.
Put the yeast in a bowl and add the warm liquid.
Let the yeast disolve and add honey, salt, crushed rye, rye flour and most of the flour.
Work until the dough lets go of the bowl's edges.
Let it rest for 30 minutes.
Cut it into 14 pieces and make "flat buns".
Put on baking plate and let them rest for another 30 minutes.
Brush the buns with a beaten egg.
Bake in 225 degrees celsius for 12-15 minutes.

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