Terrace is done

The terrace is finally done and we have been able to sit outside and eat quite a few times thanks to the beautiful october weather we have had. Now this season is probably over though and I am already looking forward to decorate and furnish the terrace next year!
If you wonder what the spaceship like things are, they are solar charging air vents for the garage and the basement that are under the big part of the terrace.

Curtains mania

When my parents were here, my mother made a lot of curtains, almost for the whole house! We are very happy with them all and now we can close for curious looks from outside in the evening!
Here is the living room as well as the kitchen part.
I told myself that we should get something else than Ikea fabric but I found these graphic ones that I really like so that plan didn't work... We have the graphic ones on one wall and the other wall is all white curtains. The only fabric not coming from Ikea is the ones in the kitchen, they are from a French store called Madura.

Wall in progress

Last weekend they started to build the continuation of the wall that was already there. At the moment it looks like a real mess but they advanced a lot during a day and a half! Next weekend the work will continue and soon it will look nice and proper!


The sidewalk also looks proper now! And we have a somewhat acceptable mailbox. Now it is accessible and you can see who lives here as opposed to before when it was 1,5 meter up and no names were visible.
And have you seen our beautiful bushes?! It is mid october and they still shine with their magnificent orange berries!

Kitchen update

My parents where visiting for three weeks recently and during that time they helped us with soo many things! My dad almost finished all the remaining stuff to do in the kitchen for example. He put a facade on the dishwasher as well as on the fridge and the freezer. He also put the white "floor boards" that you can see between the floor and the cupboards, finished the table top and aligned all the cupboards. The only thing not done now is the installation of the kitchen fan because we are still waiting for some pieces that where missing from Ikea.

Toilet pics as promised

It took a few weeks instead of a few days but finally the toilet part in the downstairs bathroom feels somewhat finished. There is only a lamp in the ceiling missing but that is peanuts compared to what it looked before. So as promised, here are a few photos of the new toilet corner.

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