Closer to the end

During these last few days we have really advanced and about 70% of the upstairs is done. This is a lot thanks to two very good friends help, Sofia and Stéphane! Here is the result in images.

The bathroom upstairs is painted and yesterday I started to put up the cupboard for the bathroom sinks.

The parquet is done in one and a half bedrooms. We have chosen a wooden floor "a la francaise" for the bedrooms. There are just the endingd next to the walls missing. Next step is to protect it with oil.

They have put up wooden baguettes around every door and also finished the walls around the toilet downstairs.

Dream and reality

I have made a moodboard for every room. It helps me to see the global picture and not mixing things that I think are nice by themselves but if you put them  together it looks awful!
Here are the moodboards for the two bathrooms and the progress in reality.

Bathroom downstairs (dark ambiance with wooden details in the bathroom part and a the opposite, white, in the toilet part):

Bathroom upstairs (bright with occasional graphic patterns and a natural allover feeling) :

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