A new cookbook

I found this cookbook at Ikea last time we were there. I really like the design and the recipies seem interesting too!


I have read yet another really good book, "Niceville" by Kathryn Stockett. It's about America in the end of the 1950's, beginning of 1960's and the colored helpers and their white employers. I recommend it warmly.

Summer reading

I love reading and especially in the summer when you can lie outside in the hammock with a glass of juice and a good book. Recently I have joined a book club where I live and the next book we'll talk about after the summer is a book from our home country since we are a very international crowd. What should I let them discover, a classic, one of all these criminal based books or something romantic and girly? If you have any tip of a good book, don't hesitate to share! I think I will have to take a look at ADLIBRIS online book shop and see what is out there. I'll leave you with this photo taken by PERNILLA HED in the meantime. It looks like a perfect bookshelf in a summer house! Doesn't it make you want to create a little summer library yourself?

Photo by Pernilla Hed.

Styleroom has released a book!

Maybe you know about STYLEROOM, the website where you and me can show our homes to other interior fanatics. They had the great idea to gather the best of all the images on there and make a book. Said and done, "Som hemma" is now published and I am really pleasantly surprised how good it seems! Look at the previews below to see for yourself.
If you are a member of Styleroom you can get the book at a good discount. You can buy it HERE or by clicking on the ad to the right of this post. I think you should, I sure will!

Images from Styleroom's website.

Book mania

I received a lot of books for my birthday which I am very happy about since I am crazy about books! Here are a couple that I can really recommend! Thank you Mamma, Pappa, Ida and Anne-Lise:)

Amazing cake recipies! I made this cake for a friend's birthday and it tasted delicious.

A book full of romantic dinners for two. I tried one of the menu's and it was a great success!

Now I have no excuse not to learn more about knitting. I am really looking forward to this,
I just have to finish the cardigan I am knitting first.

A book with plenty of inspiration about innovative fashion design. The book design is amazing!

Photos by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

La Plage

My friend Karine sent me a link to LA PLAGE, a French publishing house that make books about ecology. I love their cookbooks and could buy them all, but I have to be reasonable and not let my passion take over. They are very inspiring and graphic which is very important to me. If the book is not nice, it doesn't give me motivation to cook.
They really have to do something about their logo though! I don't think it fits with what they are publishing at all, more modernity and closer to ecology please!

Photos from La Plage's website.

Swedish knitting

I have recently started knitting again. It is a lot of fun and it relaxes me sitting there on the sofa creating my own cardigans and scarves. I found this book, Swedish knitting ("Sticka mera" in Swedish), in a Swedish Elle decoration and I would really like one! It seems to be good for me who is only at the basic level and want to learn more. You can get the book HERE if you are interested.

Elsas mode

SOFI FAHRMAN is a fashion girl who has a blog at a Swedish newspaper amongst many other activities. Now she has written a book that is called ELSAS MODE. I think that it could be a lot of fun to read having heard a few stories that are in there. I'll let you know what I thought if I can manage to find it here in Paris.

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