Black and yellow

I really like the staging of this appartment! It is for sale at BOLAGET and I find it genius to use black and white as a base and then add one color (in this case yellow) for details! Since yellow is so strong they have used it with moderation and mainly on bigger pieces. Doesn't this ambiance make you really happy?
Now I am off to eat cake because it is A's birthday today!

Photos from Bolaget's website.

White harmony

I don't think these images need any words. They speak for themselves with their calm and zen attitude.
This is how I would like our upstairs to look like!


White, white and a little blue

The real estate agency STADSHEM had this appartment for sale before. I can't find it anymore which probably means that it is sold. I understand that though, because it looks really nice with nice design details and plenty of white!

Photos from Stadshem's website.

A bright home

I found this appartment on real estate ALVHEM'S website. Situated in Gothenburg, it is all that I like; big windows, lots of light, white walls, colorful accessories and a very homy feeling.

Images from Alvhem's website.

Malmö appartment

If I lived in Sweden and my life was totally different, I would probably live in Malmö in the south of Sweden. It is fairly close to my family, the city is big enough, Copenhagen is very close and one of the biggest airports in Europe is 15 minutes away. This appartment which is for sale at BOLAGET is something I would be interested in if I was single and working in Malmö. Bolaget have a lot of interesting "objects" like they call them, so I am sure that I will show you some more in the near future.

Images from Bolaget's website.

For sale

Are you looking for an appartment in Stockholm? Maybe this could be something for you...

Images from Lagerling's website.

Amazing home

I have seen this home in Stockholm before a number of times but now I found out through TRENDENSER that it is for sale! If I lived in Stockholm and had the money, it would be a perfect home for me. I will at least get inspired from it when we decorate our house! The windows between the rooms are really interesting as well as the overall white feeling (although I am not sure my fiancee would agree with me, he is not as Scandinavian as me in his design style...). For more info on the sale go HERE.

Images from real estate Per Jansson's website.

Light home

I love surfing around on the Swedish real estate agencies websites! Recently I found this home for sale HERE. The huge mirror is absolutely in my wishlist as well as the smart cupboard for the TV. Not to mention the kitchen, which is small but practical and very nice!

Photos from Eklund's real estate agency.

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