Vintage dreams

I love vintage more and more! Especially when it is mixed with contemporary elements or has beautiful lace details! Getting married vintage style is absolutely a dream and a big part of that feeling goes through the dress. How about one of these to spark that vintage gene in you!?

A magic vintage wedding!

ELSA BILLGREN is a Swedish girl who has a lot of things going on. She has a very inspiring blog, she is working in a vintage boutique, she is hostess for a vintage show on tv... A couple of months ago Elsa got married and I just had to show you some photos from their wedding reception. Everything is so beautiful with that real vintage feeling and you can feel that the whole party reflects perfectly their personalities! I love the idea of having finger food instead of a traditional dinner and the swing in the middle of a room is just magic!

Photos taken by Anna Malmberg from Elsas blog.

Dress accessories

I am not much for complicated dresses with a lot of fabric and details. Adding an accessory to a quite plain dress can make the dress stand out right away without it becoming too much! Bows are very practical in this case and there are all kinds of different ones out there. Just look at these for example.

Princess wedding

After having experienced a beautiful wedding this weekend between Princess Viktoria of Sweden and her Daniel, I can not not talk a little bit about it! You felt like you were in a fairytale yet it was so real and sincere. Love is definitely what brought these two together and I am so happy that they could finally show this to the whole world!
I made an image board to show you how I experienced the wedding. It was beautiful, Scandinavian, Royal, minimalist and I felt those special summer butterflies in my stomach that I can only feel in Sweden.
You can see photos from the wedding HERE at the Royal Court's official website.

Image board by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

Romantic nature

Do you dream of a wedding in the country side with flowers from the meadow and colors from nature? Is there anything more beautiful than nature? These tables make me think of just this. When nature offers us such beauty, why not use it and make a wonderful day for both us and the surrounding!

Natural and romantic

Every little detail is important at a wedding! The hair is one of them and it is a very important detail! Why not go for the naturfal look if you have long hair. Or put it up in a simple pony tail. It feels very romantic and natural to let your hair flow freely!

Princess cakes

Many people would like a real princess wedding with pastel colors, lots of lace and a castle environment. The cake is very important in a princess wedding since these kind of weddings often look like the American dream wedding. Maybe one of these cakes would be something!?

Pretty in short

Short wedding dresses have become very trendy recently! For my wedding I would like a short creation, maybe because it feels less dressed up and you also get to show of your nice shoes (which you don't see if you wear a long dress). The whole concept of a white long dress with plenty of lace is getting a lot of competion from different colors, lenghts and materials.

Summery wedding dinner

These images look so summery and makes me think of light food, happiness, summer sandals and bright summer nights. Can a wedding reception be more magical and perfect than this?

Flowery head piece

I love this quite big, but light, head piece! It almost looks like a crown! If you where it like the woman on the image, that is all you need. Your dress should be minimalistic with a simple cut. Your hair don't have to be put up in any complicated hair do and your make up should go in the the colors of the flowers!

Summer spirit

Last week was quite crazy with the volcano mess and a very nice impuls visit! Therefore my friday mood was a bit crazy and I didn't have time to blog that day... Now everything is back to normal (almost anyways) and I am hoping to be able to blog like normal.
Let's start this week by some summer inspiration. These wedding flowers are very nice and summery and I am looking forward to all the romantic moments that are waiting!


Back to reality after a weekend filled with laziness, magic and lots! of chocolate. And why stop with the sweets! Here are some interesting wedding cakes with different textures and they are all very tasty looking!

Colorful bride

The latest trend in wedding dresses is black! Yes, you heard me right, black it is! The traditional white is disappearing more and more maybe partially because the symbol of white and virginity is practically gone (most girls are not virgins when they get married today...). You don't have to go as far as black if you feel that it's a bit too much though. A nice colored ribbon or a pastel colored dress can also be really nice!

Men's accessories

I have not written about the man when it comes to wedding inspiration so it's about time that I give him some attention. It takes two for a wedding after all...
Here is some inspiration pictures for the flower accessories that the man is wearing. It is normally based on the wedding bouquet but why not inverse the roles and make the wedding bouquet based on the man's flower accessory.

Shimmering glitter

The more glitter, the nicer! At least some people think so. I am not one of them, but I have actually managed to find a couple of diamond covered rings that I like. Maybe it is because their form is quite sober or the fact that they are sized reasonably. I also like the contrast between the women's and the man's ring in some of the photos.

Natural gifts

Ecology is a huge trend these days and that also applies to weddings of course. There are blogs out there that only talk about how to make your wedding ecological and in France they have a company who proposes a "green" wedding gift's list. I found these gift wrapping ideas that are breathing green and recycle. Carton, fruit and nuts feel very natural and conscious.

Eatable spring flowers

Today it is a beautiful, sunny day in Paris and the spring feelings are slowly emerging from it's deep sleep. I could of course not neglect this and got very inspired for my blog posts. A spring wedding is something magic and fresh flowers could be an overall theme including for the wedding cake. I want to get married right away seeing the cakes below. They all look beautiful and at the same time very delicious!

Dreams of lace

Lace is a very romantic material and fits perfectly on your wedding dress. You don't have to look like a puff cake though, but could make the dress very elegant.

Colorful gifts

A small gift to your guests is very important at a wedding. It shows that the host really appreciated that you came and it sometimes also serves as a memory to keep (unless it is something you can eat of course). You can wrap this gift in many different ways and here are a few colorful examples that makes me want to be a guest at a wedding.

Black and white greens

I have noticed a black and white trend in weddings recently. I even saw a bride wearing a black wedding dress not that long ago. If you want to be less extreme, you can have an over all black and white theme in your decoration and why not in your wedding bouquet. Add one color to make it a bit more lively such as green or pink.

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