First prototype

I have a new project...again:) I am going to sew pouches for diapers, extra baby clothing, baby cosmetics etc and try to sell them on Etsy. So far I have had time to make a diaper pouch prototype. What do you think?

Viggo found a new chair...:)


My valentine!

We didn't really celebrate valentines but I made A a couple of gifts, a metal/leather bracelet and I also gave him some love coupons that he can use whenever he wants:)

Valentines strawberries anyone?


It's fun to try on Mamma's boots!


Viggos new bag

I made Viggo a little bag that he can use for small toys and so on.

Some new artwork


Brushing teeth


Viggo & Tata


Reading before bed


Lego time


Having a bath is fun!




Ready to go outside


Our sweet Viggo!


Me and my man in Grosse Pointe


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