A visit to Le Corbusier's house in Poissy


Building block house.

Osler House (which is it's name) is built in Brazil and designed by MARCIO KOGAN. The house consist of a parallelogram box, with the second top part of the box enlarged in dimensions from its base and pivoted and rotated to a 90 degree angle. The house basically forms the letter T when you look at the site plan.
I love the perspective it gives when having only windows on two facing walls. It feel like you are outside because you get so close to the nature.
I guess it is a house that is perfect for the Brazilian climate and it would probably not work in the north of Canada for example. Although, having big windows and looking out at the white winter landscape could be magic too!

Photos from YATZER.

Beach house in Sweden

When I first saw this house I thought that it was situated in Florida or California. I was really surprised to discover that it is in Malmö, Sweden. Considering the climate is not the warmest this house absolutely sticks out from all the rest. I like it though. It gives a fresh touch to the environement and I can imagine that the house looks beautiful in a real winter landscape!
I thought I would never say this, but I find that the interior is too plain and too simple. I would have added some color or fabrics to make it more inviting. Nevertheless, I think that LINDVALL A&D, who are the architects, has achieved a great house that I hope to see more of in Northern countries!

Photos by Jonas Lindvall.

Maison go

I love this house designed by the French architects PERIPHERIQUES ARCHITECTES! It is still rare to see a modern and innovative house like this in France so it is a breath of fresh air that gives you hope for the future.

Images from Peripheriques Architectes website.

Magazine wall and design architecture

ELDING OSCARSON is a new architect firm who are installed in Stockholm. They have designed one house that I really like in Landskrona, Sweden. The other thing I really really like is the magazine wall they have created at a graphic design agency in Stockholm. It would maybe be a solution for my magazine collection. The only problem would be the access to flip through them for inspiration.

Images from Elding Oscarson's website.

M2 Delta

The Danish company M2 has a lot of nice house models and here is yet another one.

Photos from M2's website.

Willa Nordic

Here is yet another Scandinavian house. WILLA NORDIC makes very contemporary wooden houses. I love this one with the really big windows and the mix of wood and black surfaces.

Photos from Willa Nordic's website.

Danish architecture at it's best!

I love this house from M2 with it's irregular angles and big windows!
If I lived in Scandinavia I would'nt think twice about choosing this house for our construction.

Photos from M2's website.

My absolute favorite architects!

I love CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE!!! If I could afford it we would build a house designed by them! Besides architecture Claesson Koivisto Rune also do interior design as well as product design. I am impressed by their talent and good they are in all three domains.

Some of their architecture designs.

Some of their interior design projects.

And finally some of their products designs.

All photos from Claesson Koivisto Rune's website.

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