My baby shower

My dear friend Baukje organized a baby shower for our second baby that is on his way. Almost all my good friends from here came and it was a wonderful day! Thank you again everybody, and especially Baukje!!!

Viggo is incognito


Out and about in Birmingham


Playing in the sandbox


Viggo at the pool!


Ice cream time


Drawing on the blackboard


A weekend in Toronto


Detroit dream cruise 2014

Every year Detroit has a dream cruise where thousands of cars are exposed and driven. This year we lived just a few meters away from the main street and it was a lot of fun to go and see all the cars and watch them cruising in hundreds at a time!

What to do with stickers...?!


Eating grapes in the cupboard.


Viggo is ready to go...


Viggo in a basket...


Security police

Viggo became part of the security police at the airport.

We're going to Miami...

When in Florida we visited Miami.
We went to the Perez art museum, a beautiful building with plenty of interesting art!
We also went to the neigbourhood Wynwood where there is graffitti all over the place, very impressive!


Min profilbild


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