Norway in my heart

I could show you all the progress we've done on the house this weekend and tell you about the flood in our bathroom and all the other problems we keep on discovering.
But I won't. This will have to wait until another day and let's instead think about our Norwegian neighbours. That something like this could happen in a serene and peaceful country like Norway is unthinkable.
We do have to think that the world stays a good place and that these catastrophies don't make us doubt about that there is not only evil out there!
Norway, we are thinking about you!

We have moved!

Saturday it was finally time to move! We are so happy even though we had no warm water the first day and I have to do the dishes in the bathtub. Nothing of this can stop me from being on a cloud:)
This is what it looked like this morning downstairs before we left for work.

Almost there

A little update on how things have advanced.
Bathroom downstairs is painted.
Downstairs is painted.
Stairs are installed.
Advancement of the kitchen and the wooden floor is installed and oiled downstairs.

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