Hm, let's see what's outside...


I can stand up all by myself!

Viggo is playing with a box man.

Viggos first meal

So far I have just mixed vegetables after desire. My mother sent me nice recipies for babies so I thought I would try some and the first one I made was Indian stew. Viggo thought it was delicious!


This weekend I did some shopping for Viggo. There will be more shopping in Sweden but I started a little already:)
The pants are rasperry red in reality.

Color coordinated:)

I love these shorts!

Another Mumin added to the family!


My man was away a lot last week because it's been the Auto show here in Paris. One thing that compensated this was when he came home with a box of Laduree macarons! I love them!!!

Friday night

I went to Paris friday night thinking that I would meet a friend for dinner. When I came to Opera where we had decided to meet, there were 4 friends waiting for me with posters. It was my bachelorette party:) It was very calm but nice and my friend gave me some nice make up and the man at the Indian restaurant where we ate gave me a jewelry box for my future husband to fill with jewelry:)


This is what I was wearing...

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