Day 5 / Foundation is done

This week they finished the foundation! I know, it doesn't look like a big change yet but I am sure once they start to put up the wooden structure, a lot will change. Since we are both working during the day we can't see the workers in action, but our neighbours told us that they were really working hard and that it was impressive to see the 4 meter tall stilts going into the ground!

Day 4 / The house is delivered

When we came back in the evening monday, the house was delivered!!! It is now standing on our terrain waiting to be put up. Unfortunately one of the guys who will work on it had a work related injury and has had a week of. This means that they will start on tuesday (since it is a public holiday here on monday).
Today we went to wrap some plastic around some wood that wasn't protected so that it won't rain on it.

Day 4 / House delivery

The house is on the terrain!
They came this morning with a big truck. It was impressive to see them manipulate these huge packs of wood!

Weekend work

This weekend my adorable man has spread around earth from the earth moving. It became about 15 wheel barrows, quite heavy in other words.
As you can see, it was beautiful weather with lots of sun!

Day 2 & 3 / Stilts and concrete foundation

This is how far they have gotten after only 3 days.
All the stilts are in the ground, they are still not completely dug into the ground. They will all go 4 meters under ground to make a stable foundation.
On top of that they have put a concrete foundation next to the old foundation to reinforce it.

The concrete foundation next to the old foundation.

We left our mark forever:)

Day 1 / Ground preparation

When we came the night of the first day to see what they had done we were really surprised how much they had gotten done!
All the ground preparation was done and markers had been put out to show where the foundation stilts should be.
Where the old foundation is there was a part of a wall left from the old house that they removed.
They had also dug a hole for the septic tank between the house and the sewer.

This is where the old house wall used to be.

The hole for the septic tank.

I'm back!

There has been a big black hole here on the blog and that is for a few reasons. When we came back from vacation (which was great by the way!) I started working fulltime as a graphic designer at a design agency. This has taken so much of my time that all I've been doing is pretty much working, eating, sleeping... On top of that we have the house project and that is quite time consuming too.
Now, the construction of our house has started and I decided to transform this blog temporarily into a blog about our house project and how it's advancing.
Let's get started with the first days!

This is pretty much what our house will look like (there are a few windows that moved etc but the whole is the same). It is a French company called GALVAIGN that is building it. They are specialized in wooden houses and are one of the few French companies that we felt confidence in.

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