My favorite cup

I have forgotten to show you my favorite cup at the moment. I love cups and have started to create a nice collection. My adorable sister gave me this cup from Rörstrand, illustrated by Lovisa Burfitt. I love drinking my breakfast tea in it, it's a great start of the day.
Now me and Viggo are sitting here waiting for the Royal Swedish court to announce the name of the newborn princesse. I am hoping it will be Desirée, but who knows... It's soo exciting!!!

A princesse is born!

A Swedish princesse was born this morning! It makes me so happy and I think about when our little Viggo was born 2 months ago and what an incredible happiness it was! Today Viggo is dressed in his prince body to honor the big day:)

Stripes & Green

Today I find that Viggo looks very Scandinavian with his light colored body and grass green pants. The bunny is Viggo's favorite:)

Spring is in the air!

I try to go for a walk with Viggo everyday cause he loves it and it permits us to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Yesterday was a beautiful day and you could really smell spring in the air.


I know, it has been very quiet here for a while. The reason is that I have given birth to our son Viggo! He is today 2 months old and the sweetest little boy! Here are some snapshots of his room and a photo of Viggo himself too of course:)

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