Oh, how I love the name of this Canadian shop based in Toronto! MJÖLK (milk in English) has Scandinavian but also Japanese design. At first I found it a bit weird, especially since the stores name is Swedish, but it's true that Japanese and Scandinavian design is quite similar with it's clean forms, light colors and useful concepts.

"Lemnos clock" by Riki Watanabe.

"Kaico pasta pot" & "Kaico saucepan" by Makoto Koizumi.

"Warm tea pot and mugs" by Tonfisk & "Kami Mug" by Oji Masanori.

"Teema dinner plate" by Kaj Franck & "Vivianna cutlery" by Vivianna Torun Büllow-Hübe.

"Niko niko bako business card holder" by Makoto Koizumi.

"Cutter box" by Niels Hvass & "Hiroshima three-seater sofa" by Naoto Fukasawa.
Photos from Mjölk's website.


NUNC is a shop that sells both new and vintage things. I really like vintage but not too much so this is a perfect place for me! It feels very real and authentic with a lot of quality products.

Images from Nunc's website.

Enkla ting

ENKLA TING (simple things) is selling exactly what they are called, simple yet sophisticated interior and exterior design products. Their style is very natural and they use authentic materials such as concrete.
This is what I would like to see in my house and garden!

Images from Enkla Ting's website.

Nice vintage!

STILSAMT is a Swedish online shop with lots of nice vintage clothing and accessories! I don't own a lot of vintage, maybe because it is quite expensive here in France (it's like all the French flee markets, people try to sell crap for a ridiculous price). But I might change that, especially since I saw that it is possible to order from another country!
This is what I would like from there selection at the moment :

Russian scarf 169SEK
Vintage purse 149SEK

Blue clip on ear rings 59SEK
Scarf brosch 89SEK

Black belt 59SEK

Yellow summer belt 69SEK
Images from Stilsamt's website.

Coctail + deluxe

My sister sent me an e-mail a while ago telling me that she would like to get pretty much everything from COCTAIL which is a store in Sweden (that I didn't know about until now). They have fun things, look at the pink flamingo or the piggy bank for example. I used to have a piggy bank like that when I was small so there is a lot of nostalgia in this store!


ANTHROPOLOGIE is an online shop with lots of interesting products! I especially like the Ipod stand in shape of a tree trunk or the beautiful books filled with all the classical litterature! Or the colorful straws in a light summer drink!

Photos from Anthropologie's website.

Lama design

LAMA DESIGN is latin design found by a girl originally from Los Angeles. She has been traveling around Latin America and the result is this online shop filled with colorful patterns and funny objects.
I have to admit that I can't really see the latin influence but then again, it is contemporary designers.
My favorite is definitely the garden apron that I can see myself in this summer while working in our future garden!

Images from Lama Design's website.

Maria Westerlind

I love MARIA WESTERLIND'S design! I have a pair of jeans from her that are so worn that I should'nt wear them anymore but I still do. It is maybe time to get a new pair!
But she doesn't only make jeans, there are all kinds of other clothing that is really nice! On top of that, there are really good discounts on the previous collections. This is what I would like to have in my wardrobe!

Blue skirt : 80% discount, 200SEK
Green cardigan : 83% discount, 200SEK

Dress : 70% discount, 358.75SEK
Yellow dress : 70% discount, 238.75SEK

Jeans : 75% discount, 325SEK
White dress : 78% discount, 200SEK

Blue trenchcoat : 2 999SEK
Skirt : 70% discount, 389.70SEK


SUPERSPACE is a Danish company who feels very wide in terms of what they offer. I know theme by their nice and magic mobiles but I found out, surfing around on their website, that they also make furniture and boutique concepts.
Their design feels very Scandinavian and the focus is Copenhagen as inspiration.

Images from Superspace's website.

La Cerise sur le Gateau

Just the name of this French design company, LA CERISE SUR LE GATEAU (the cherry on top of the cake), makes you happy! And that they make modern, graphic and very special products just adds to the success. Also take a look at the photos for every product. They are really thought out and not one look like the other. You get a pleasant surprise every time!

Photos from La Cerise sur le Gateau's website.

Oriental design

SPITI is an online shop selling oriental products for your house. A mix between Scandinavian and oriental style gives warmth and character to your interior. Keep the main pieces quite neutral and add accessories that are a bit different and colorful.

1. Pillow case "Sunshine", 695 SEK
2. Pillow case "Pigalle", 695 SEK
3. Lamp "Watt & Veke", 1295 SEK
4. Coaster in glass, 195 SEK
5. Bed cover, 1995 SEK
6. Door stop, 505 SEK

Danish happy design

I love RIE ELISE LARSEN'S happy and colorful design. There are a lot of things that I would like for our house!

Images from Rie Elise Larsen's website.

Kung karusell

KUNG KARUSELL is a Swedish online shop that sell romantic yet modern interior decoration products. Here are a few of my favorites that I would'nt mind having in my house.

Images from Kung Karusell's website.

Danish Rice

RICE is a company with very colorful design. It could be useful in these grey days when you dream about sun and umbrella drinks on the beach.

Images from Rice's website.

La corbeille

LA CORBEILLE is a French online shop who sell things that are a bit different. Either you like it or you don't but it is a great place to find gifts for your friends and family.

1. Flower pot, design Tristan Zimmermann for Charles and Marie, 80 euros
2. Vinyl + clock, design 5.5 Designers, 65 euros
3. Cutlery salad set in bambou, 19 euros
4. Bookcase, design Jocelyn Deris for la corbeille éditions, 875 euros
5. Standing lamp, design Jocelyn Deris for la corbeille éditions, 295 euros
6. Coat hanger, design 5.5 Designers, 210 euros


I found INNEONLINE not very long ago and there are a lot of nice things that has been added to my wishlist for our house.

1. Window protector, design Johanna Lindgren / Sofia Löfstedt, Strössel design, 175 SEK
2. Essence champagne glass and red wine glass, design Alfredo Häberli, Iittala, 238 SEK / 259 SEK
3. Car & Caravan wall hanger, design Maze, 265 SEK
4. Sleepy Owl wall hanger, design Barnvänligt, 89 SEK
5. Bowl, design Marimekko, 389 SEK
6. Cup Ego, design Stefan Lindfors, Iittala, 169 SEK
7. Electric pepper mill, design Invivo design, Sagaform, 199 SEK
8. Wire tree coat hanger, design Louise Hederström, Maze International, 1669 SEK
9. Soap bottle, design Zone company, 219 SEK

Don't know where to get your christmas cards ?

If you still don't know where to get your christmas cards PRINTS WITH WINGS may be a place to go. They have all kinds of cards but at the moment I think most people are looking to send christmas wishes. The only thing is that they are all in Swedish...but Santa Claus is coming from Scandinavia so why not.

Images from Print with wings website.


DESIGNISTA is an online shop that has a lot of nice accesories for your house.

Here is my wish list from them at the moment.

1. Box made like a cupcake, 110 SEK
2. Note book, design Defyra, 65 SEK
3. Sculpture, design Rens, 560 SEK
4. Baby blanket, 990 SEK
5. Egg cup, design Liz Kinnmark, 150 SEK
6. Casserole pad, design Adam und Harborth Designbüro, 540 SEK
7. Pillow cover, design Elsa Wikander, 280 SEK
8. Coasters, design Lotta Kuhlhorn, 140 SEK

Moods / yellow and white.

MOODS is a Danish online shop that sell a lot of fun and different things. My wish list became very white and yellow for some reason although yellow is not at all my favorite color normally.

Cool fabrics

I love this concept that BONBON KAKKU has . They sell fabrics that You have designed. You send your proposal to them and then people that visit the website get to vote to decide which fabrics they will sell.
So don't hesitate to send your proposal if you think that your idea is a good one!

Photos from Bonbon Kakku's website.

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