The Maidstone

I found this really cosy hotel via APPARAT, an interior design company who has designed THE MAIDSTONE'S interior. The hotel is situated in East Hampton, NY and it looks like coming to somebody's house rather than a hotel. Every room is different and they have names such as the Astrid Lindgren room, the Alfred Nobel Duplex Cottage or the Alvar & Aino Aalto Room. The Astrid Lindgren room is of course inspired by her as well as all the other rooms found inspiration in their names. I could go to East Hampton just to stay in this hotel!

Photos from The Maidstone's website.

Hotel Gabriel

HOTEL GABRIEL in Les Marais in Paris is a very charming hotel with good taste! It is very bright with touches of color and different graphics depending on the space. It looks like a good hotel to stay in when you come to visit Paris, especially since it is really in the centre of the city.

Photos from Hotel Gabriel's website.

Missoni hotel

Missoni has opened up a HOTEL in Edinburgh of all places! I have parted feelings about this place, some parts are really nice, like the restaurant or some rooms. And I really like the logo, how they wrote the H with plenty of Missoni! They got the colors right too, they are very harmonius and just how I like it! Then there is the bar that I don't like at all or the suites. There is too much pattern (I know, Missoni is a lot about patterns) and it feels cheap. The bar shaped like a flower feels really old and a bit bad taste. But overall it's good and if I ever went to Edinburgh, I could imagine staying in this hotel for a night or two.

Images from Hotel Missoni's website.

Luxury in Berlin

Me and A went to Berlin last winter but I think we must have missed something because we thought it was a horribly boring city! Then again we only stayed in the center and had one day to see everything, plus that it was extremly cold. If I could stay in this hotel, LUX 11, I would give Berlin another chance. This is everything I wanted to discover but couldn't find. Lux 11 is modern, fun, spacious, cosy and it feels a bit like you are in London by the exterior architecture.

Images from Lux 11's website.

Lute Suites

If you are going to Amsterdam any time soon you might want to live in THIS hotel. Black and white contrasts with original objects is the through out spirit, just like Dutch design is in general. The hotel feels very fresh and airy and you would almost think that you have arrived at a friends house.

Images from

Crazy or creative ?

Hm, I don't know what to think about this hotel designed by WAM ARCHITECTEN. It is situated in Amsterdam-Zaandam and looks like a big doll house in my eyes. I think it would look better if they would have painted it in a more sober color because the form in itself is so complicated. I have to give the credit for new thinking and guts to do something this different though! The inside seems to be calmer which is good so that you can get some sleep and relax!

Carbon hotel

It is summer soon and time to discover new places in the sun! If you plan to stay in Genk, Belgium for a few nights, why not try out this really nice and modern hotel called CARBON HOTEL. The style is very modern with natural elements that make it feel less stiff.

Photos from

The Kube

Here is another tip for you who will spend a few days in Paris. KUBE HOTEL is an oval shaped building with plenty of cubes inside. I feel contrasts between the rooms and the public space where the rooms are very white and zen while the public space is much more colorful and dark. We (the Scandinavians) can be happy to discover "the Ice Kube", an ice bar on the mezzanine that keeps a constant temperature of 5 degrees celsius. The interior design is classified as futuristic retro. Why I haven't quite figured out, maybe I have to rent a room for one night to discover with my own eyes:)

Images from

Mama Shelter

I have discovered a lot of interesting hotels in Paris recently and just have to share this with you! MAMA SHELTER is a fairly new hotel, designed by the French icon PHILIPPE STARCK. I love the name, it sounds very welcoming and "hip".  The hotel itself is very modern with concrete walls, different comic heroes as lamps and an overall play feeling to it. The prices are quite ok as well, so don't hesitate to come for a weekend to discover a different way to live.

Photos from Mama Shelter's website.

Five Hotel

FIVE HOTEL is a hotel in the 5th arrondisement in Paris. It is surrounded by history and romantic places. The hotel itself is very modern and I think it would be an experience to stay there, even though it seems a little bit too much "bling bling" for my taste. The rooms are not very big but the creative interior compensates for this. And you are after all only going to sleep there. It is a place that is standing out for a reasonable price.

Photos from Five Hotel's website.

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