Pyjama party

I love this photo of Viggo where he is sleeping peacefully in his pyjama party body!


Swedish happiness

I found a bag of "bilar" (cars) in our sweet cupboard the other day, what happiness! I almost ate all of course, but I am telling myself it's ok since me and Viggo are out walking every day in our hilly village.

3 months

Today my little sweetheart turns 3 months! Time flies but what a wonderful time! Having a baby is the best thing that can ever happen!!!
We also have another birthday. Our friends youngest daughter turns 4 years old today. Me and Viggo will go there today and for the occasion I have made pink mini muffins for the sweet princesse that she is that we will bring this afternoon.

Spring is here!

Eatable pantone

I love this idea of making something eatable using the pantone colors! On top of that the styling is really great!
Design : Emilie Guelpa

Reading corner

We had an armchair in Viggos room but I realised that we don't use it so I put it downstairs and made a reading corner. It is very cosy to sit there in the evening with a cup of tea and a good book!
Absolutely everything you see on the photo is from Ikea...

Clouds everywhere

I don't know why but I am totally in love with clouds in every way. Viggo already has two cloud blankets, cloud bedsheets and cloud bibs. The last cloud object that found its way through our door is this cloud textile to put around the baby bed. My parents brought it from Sweden and I think that it's perfect!
The bedsheets are from Fermliving.

A very happy birthday!

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my parents came to celebrate with me. On top of that me and my dad has the same birthday so we celebrated together for the first time in many years. It was so nice to have my parents here and I already miss them. Among many lovely things, here are a few gifts that I received :
Book about the amazing restaurant Noma in Copenhagen
A book by the Swedish author Fredrik Lindström
Cute slippers from Etam
Oven mittens from Sweden
Pyjamas from Princesse tam tam
Shower gel from Philosophy
Body lotion and bath salt from Sephora

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