Frederique Daubal

The French artist FREDERIQUE DAUBAL has evoked a subject that is very much in question these days, the Muslim niqābs. There is a big talk here in France (and the rest of Europe) weather they should be forbidden by law or not. Frederique has cut out pages from fashion magazines, sliced them into fringe and made them into masks resembling Muslim niqābs. She is evoking a statement on identity, transformation and what it means to be French today.
Very interesting!

Art work by Frederique Daubal.

Christian Faur

I visisted ANOTHER blog the other day and discovered CHRISTAN FAUR, an artist who work in different unexpected materials such as paper teared up into pieces or colored crayon pencils. With these he makes a picture that is to me more a sculpture than a painting.

Photos from Christan Faur's website.

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