Viggo is 2 years old!!!

My little boy is turning 2 today!!! We had a nice calm day! I had planned a small birthday party but unfortunately I got sick so we had to cancel it:(
I think Viggo had a good day anyways and here are a few snapshots from the day...
Soo many gifts!
Viggo got breakfast in bed, pancakes, grapes and sourcream.
It was fun to open gifts!
And here they are:)
At dinner we had funny straws and colorful hats!
Viggo is blowing out the candles on his cake.

Viggos latest art work


Blueberries are good:)


Winter is here!


Viggos ginger house made by Viggo himself


Viggo is watching Lucia


Christmas is in the house!

A very naked christmas tree but I realized just a couple of days ago that I gave almost everything away when we moved... So I have to go and hunt for some new nice decorations:)
And yes, for the very first time ever I bought a fake christmas tree...I think it looks quite good though a part from the lack of decorations.

A different chair...


You know you are in America when... find a house like this!

Ginger cookies in the making

This is the first time I am making my own ginger cookies from scratch. They did not turn out perfect but they taste very good! And Viggo loved helping me!

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