Viggo is playing along


Viggo and stickers

Viggo is doing one of his favorite things, gluing stickers into his book.

Ready for winter


A sick little boy

This weekend Viggo was sick. He still had fun sitting on the couch playing with his lego.

Me and my toys


Viggos first tattoo


A tent in the living room

Viggo is having fun in the tent I built for him in the livingroom!

Mammas jars

It is soo much fun to play with all those jars Mamma has in the kitchen cupboard!

Halloween again

Viggo wanted it to be halloween again and tried out my pumpkin costume. I think he looks like a little cute pumpkin ghost:)

Viggos first art work

Viggo tried out an art class yesterday and he had a lot of fun so I signed him up for a weekly class. This is what he did yesterday, very thanksgiving inspired art work:)

Viggo in his new cardigan, made by Grandma


Viggo and Tata downtown Detroit


Viggo and Mamma at Ikea


Our new house

Here is our new house that we are renting in Birmingham. It is a cute little house and it has a beautiful Japanese maple tree in the front!

Our first halloween

Here is a cute little pumpkin that went trick or treating in the rain with Tata. Only after a short while he came home with lots of candy. In the bucket we found some organic biscuits that we gave to Viggo and the rest was hidden away...

First days in a new place

Here are some photos of Viggo from the first days in Birmingham.
It was cold in the restaurant so Viggo got to wear both my cardigan and scarf:)
V is flying a helicopter.
V has learnt how to drink with a straw.
V is playing with Mammas jewelry.


While we were in Sweden we also did a little trip to Copenhagen, one of my favorite cities!

Sweden Autumn 2013

Here is a summary in photos of our stay in Sweden.

From France to Sweden

Finally I am back! We have done quit a big move, from France to the US. And in between me and Viggo were in Sweden for 6 weeks... My parents came to pick us up in France and we drove all the way to Sweden. Here are some photos of that adventure.
Having a picnic at a highway stop.
Driving, driving and driving...
On the boat between Germany and Denmark.

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