Friday mood / Vacation!

It is time for vacation, a long one this year! We are taking a whole month off so I think there will not be very much activity here the next few weeks. We will be too busy drinking umbrella drinks, having barbecues, going to weddings, seeing family and just relax.
Have a great summer everyone! I sure will!

The Maidstone

I found this really cosy hotel via APPARAT, an interior design company who has designed THE MAIDSTONE'S interior. The hotel is situated in East Hampton, NY and it looks like coming to somebody's house rather than a hotel. Every room is different and they have names such as the Astrid Lindgren room, the Alfred Nobel Duplex Cottage or the Alvar & Aino Aalto Room. The Astrid Lindgren room is of course inspired by her as well as all the other rooms found inspiration in their names. I could go to East Hampton just to stay in this hotel!

Photos from The Maidstone's website.

Hotel Gabriel

HOTEL GABRIEL in Les Marais in Paris is a very charming hotel with good taste! It is very bright with touches of color and different graphics depending on the space. It looks like a good hotel to stay in when you come to visit Paris, especially since it is really in the centre of the city.

Photos from Hotel Gabriel's website.

Black and white dream

Oh, I love this house! It is a summer house but I could imagine living in it all year around! I love the built in concrete benches on the veranda, the big windows, the black and white interior, the wood storage outside...everything is nice in this house ! I am so going to add it to my image board for our future house!

Photos from SKÖNA HEM.

Ikea bedroom campaign

Ikea's campaign's are always very attractive and fun! This time they have continued the same path and made a special bedroom campaign. It includes three different themes, one light and summery, one more industrial and, the one I prefer, one modern countryside style. Go and check it out on there campaign site HERE.

Images from Ikea's campaign site.

Light summerhouse

Today it is the 14th of July which means holiday here in France. Today is also the first day in a very long time that it is raining like crazy! I don't know what this means but it sure refreshens the air. This is a perfect moment to dream away and show you this summer house! Unfortunately I don't remember where I found these photos but I wanted to show it to you because I think there is some inspiration to take from it!

Summer inspiration

When it is summer and sunny, light and colorful furniture are very attractive. We want to absorb the light as much as we can and our interior is as important as the exterior.
These inspiration photos by stylist Tina Hellberg and photo by Per Ranung, illustrates what is going on in my head right now!

Photos from Swedish ELLE INTERIÖR.

Two interesting homes

I found these two homes on MARIE CLAIRE MAISON'S website. They are both very interesting yet very different one from another. I like the vintage style in the first one that gives it a certain authenticity and the dark surfaces in the other home that makes a quite dramatic interior.

Images from Marie Claire Maison.

Vintage dreams

I love vintage more and more! Especially when it is mixed with contemporary elements or has beautiful lace details! Getting married vintage style is absolutely a dream and a big part of that feeling goes through the dress. How about one of these to spark that vintage gene in you!?

Friday mood / Summer and lots of fruit

Apart from a quick stop at the store to buy some shelves for our kitchen, all we are going to do this weekend is relaxing and eating lots of fruit! That is pretty much the only thing I can eat when it is this warm, any effort in the kitchen makes me feel exhausted right away.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Double G

I wrote a post about ANNE GEISTDOERFER'S Parisian loft yesterday. Anne is working for an architect agency called DOUBLE G and after having taken a look at their projects I just have to show you some of their work! You can easily see their style through the different projects, it is modern, minimalist and full of happyness. This is quite unusual for a French company. Normally they are more traditional and they only use certain colors such as beige and grey. I am very happy to have discovered Double G and hope that there are plenty more of this kind out there in this country.

Images from Double G's website.

A spacious loft in Paris

I love this loft in Paris! It is designed and conceived by architect ANNE GEISTDOERFER, who also lives in this appartment with her husband and their two children. It is a place filled with light and fantasy. Just look at the pink sink in the kitchen. I love it! Thanks to the 4 meter high ceiling, the loft feels very spacious and they have been able to create a mezzanine where the bedrooms are situated.


Personal wallpaper

Photos or graphics on walls are very much in style now and with MR PERSWALL you can make wallpaper from your own designs.
Right now there is a competition going on where you can send in your best vacation photos and the winner will have his photo printed and he also gets a really nice camera. If you are interested you can find more information HERE. They also have their own collection and I found a lot of nice things! I could imagine one of these on a wall somewhere in my house for example.

Photos from Mr Perswall's website.

Dutch nature

I really like this home in Holland! It is Ina Meijer and Matthijs van Cruijsen, two interior designer's house. After having lived in Amsterdam for a long time, they decided to move to this old barn close to the Wadden sea. They have managed to keep the charm of the barn while making it very modern at the same time! The mix of natural materials and contemporary furniture works very well in a place like this!


Saša Antić

Stockholm based SAŜA ANTIĆ is a very talented stylist! She is styling everything from art to television. I especially like her interior styling though (hm, could that be because I am an interior fanatic...!?). It feels different from other styling. She is putting objects into another context than we are used to with original materials. The result feels very fresh and inspiring!

Photos from Saša Antić's website.


I love this type of Scandinavian design with very graphic patterns and happy colors! MUOVO is a Finnish design brand with a lot of taste and I want everything! To me, good design is something that is fun and not too complicated and this is a perfect example of what I like!

Images from Muovo's website.

Nika Zupanc

Oh, how I love when I find design that is made somewhere else than in Scandinavia or western Europe. Don't get me wrong, I love design from there, but it feels good to know that they don't have monopoly on nice things. NIKA ZUPANC is a very nice revelation! She is born in Slovenia and is now working as an independent designer for many different well known brands. And her designs are amazing! They make me think of a fairytale where the princess gets her prince, but with a twist of modernity. Me like a lot!

Images from Nika Zupanc's website.

A magic vintage wedding!

ELSA BILLGREN is a Swedish girl who has a lot of things going on. She has a very inspiring blog, she is working in a vintage boutique, she is hostess for a vintage show on tv... A couple of months ago Elsa got married and I just had to show you some photos from their wedding reception. Everything is so beautiful with that real vintage feeling and you can feel that the whole party reflects perfectly their personalities! I love the idea of having finger food instead of a traditional dinner and the swing in the middle of a room is just magic!

Photos taken by Anna Malmberg from Elsas blog.

Friday mood / The good things in life

It is so hot in this country that it is unbearable! At 9 this morning it was already 30 degrees!!! Nevertheless, I love the village we live in and wouldn't change it for anything. The people are really nice, you wake up to birds singing and nature is everywhere. How can you not love a place where you can pick these wonderful roses and light up your interior!?
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Photo by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

Black and yellow

I really like the staging of this appartment! It is for sale at BOLAGET and I find it genius to use black and white as a base and then add one color (in this case yellow) for details! Since yellow is so strong they have used it with moderation and mainly on bigger pieces. Doesn't this ambiance make you really happy?
Now I am off to eat cake because it is A's birthday today!

Photos from Bolaget's website.

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