Mmm, inspiring food!

I wrote about MIKKEL ADSBOL a while ago and then showed you some of his interior photos. He also takes photos of food and I find them very inspiring! They are as contrasted as all his other work and even a steak looks interesting in my eyes...which is quite amazing since I would never even consider eating it! This time there are much more colors, he has really put the natural hues into value!

Photos by Mikkel Adsbol.

Vee Speers

VEE SPEERS is having an exhibition at newly opened FOTOGRAFISKA in Stockholm until the 5th of September this year. We can see costumed children on their way to an imaginary celebration in this exhibition. According to Speers, childhood games reflect roles in the adult world, such as father, mother, nurse or soldier and she got the inspiration to this project during her daughter’s birthday party. This is also the title of the exhibition, "The Birthday Party". It feels quite provocative and makes me think of German photographer LORETTA LUX who also takes photos of children with unnatural expressions and in strange contexts.

Photos by Vee Speers.

Contrast plus plus

It almost hurts when you look at Danish photographer MIKKEL ADSBOL'S photos. They are so contrasted as if he took them in the middle of a sunny day with the sun as a lamp. All of this said, I really like them! You have to look carefully not to miss anything in the photo and the contrast part creates a certain mystery. Maybe it is the lack of light in Scandinavia or whatever other reason, but this lightening is quite unique to the Northern countries.

Photos by Mikkel Adsbol.


It's the beginning of the week and I personally love it! But some people might need some glamour to forget about the everyday boring things we have to do. GREG KADEL is illustrating this very good in these photos! He is a fashion photographer based in New York. And that is pretty much everything I know about him because I can't find any biography on his website.

Photos by Greg Kadel.

Per Ranung

I can't get enough of all the talented photographers out there! PER RANUNG is one of them. His source of inspiration is light and his trademark is simplicity. Lifestyle images is his latest preoccupation and I think that he is doing a very good job! He has a bit of a different dream assignment ; to photograph the same chair for two weeks. Some of his clients are Elle decoration and Vogue (Australia).

Photos by Per Ranung.

Brighten up!

I don't know how it is where you are, but here it is grey and rainy today. It feels like I need some cheering up with these colorful and summery photos by ANITTA BEHRENDT. Sometimes all it takes is some color to change your mood:)

Photos by Anitta Behrendt.

Kalle Gustafsson

It will be a quick post today because I have to go and change the tires of our car very soon (I know, we are doing it really late...) I will leave you with some summery photos by talented photographer KALLE GUSTAFSSON and maybe I will be back later this afternoon with some more inspiring photos.

Photos by Kalle Gustafsson.

Jeans fashion

Jeans is one of the most practical textiles that you can find but personally I think it's a bit boring. CARL BENGTSSON'S photos for Swedish Elle magazine February 2010 totally change my mind! They have managed to make jeans into something original and almost artistic. I love how they have worked with layers on layers and the make up completely follows the theme!

Photos by Carl Bengtsson.

Stellan Herner

I might have written about STELLAN HERNER already but I just had to show you these photos that I found at his AGENT. They perfectly illustrate the feeling I want in our future house, modern but with a natural and laid back feeling.

Photos by Stellan Herner.

Warren Heath

WARREN HEATH is a stills photographer and that is pretty much all I know about him. There is no information about him on his website but after all, the importance should be concentrated on the photos.

Photos by Warren Heath.

Andreas Johansson

Once upon a time, ANDREAS JOHANSSON was MIKAEL JANSSON'S assistent. Now he is standing on his own two legs and I think that he is doing quite good! He mostly shoots fashion photos in a very "fashion" way but sometimes he goes out of that bubble and make us dream away somewhere else.

Photos by Andreas Johansson.

Stine Pettersen

My parents are still here since their flight was of course cancelled due to the volcano eruption but I have a few minutes to post something since we are sitting here waiting for news from the airport...
STINE PETTERSEN is a very talented Norwegian photographer who also has a very nice blog that you can see HERE. I really like the lightness of her photos and the mystery around them!

Photos by Stine Pettersen.

Ditte Isager

DITTE ISAGER is a very talented Danish photographer who takes beautiful photos! I really like her interior and food photos. They feel very authentic with a touch of Scandinavia.

Photos by Ditte Isager.

Ewa-Marie Rundquist

EWA-MARIE RUNDQUIST takes photos with an intense feeling yet a feminine sensuality. Her colors are often soft but the "objects" are rebel and sometimes provoking.

Photos by Ewa-Marie Rundquist.


JEFFREY AARONSON has made a photo project about the border between the United States and Mexico. It is not a happy result but it feels magic and very exotic somehow. I love the way he plays with colors and light and he has managed to capture real feelings throughout his photos!

Photos by Jeffrey Aaronson.

Lisa Hasselgren

I have to post something about design as well today. LISA HASSELGREN is a very talented photographer that works for BEYOND RETRO, amongst many. There is a lack of perfection that attracts me. She makes photos that could have been taken 50 years ago but that are very modern today!

Photos by Lisa Hasselgren.

Colorful and dark

I found these photos taken by PHILIP KARLBERG for the English Elle Deco. I love them, they feel so soft and happy even though they are so dark. I am not sure for which kind of article they were taken but I think that they work very good all by themselves. It would be really cool to have a big print of one of these on the wall.

Photos by Philip Karlberg.


TOLEDANO is born in England to a French Moroccan mother, and an American father. Toledano's photos are socio-political and he believes that photos should be looked as unfinished sentences. I'll let you judge for yourself if this is the impression you get. One thing is sure, the photos make you react in one way or another.

Photos by Toledano from his website.

Denise Grunstein

I have already posted a couple of photos with the category Friday mood HERE and HERE by DENISE GRUNSTEIN. With Denise we are talking fairytale and magic, the unknown is very present. And there is a lot of mystery in her photos. They are good photos to look at if you feel a bit down some day. Maybe except for the first one...

Photos by Denise Grunstein from her website.

German talent in Paris

AXL JANSEN is a great photographer that I have had the pleasure to work with when I was art directing the magazine DONG that him and his girlfriend, who's a stylist, have.
Axl is very creative and a real perfectionist that don't give up until the work is perfect. I think that you can feel that in his photos.

Photo Axl Jansen taken from his website.
Art direction on photo 4 and 5, Anna Nasstrom.

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