Bedside protection

I made a padded protection for Viggos bed since he still hits his head sometimes at night. It also turned out to be quite decorative I find.

New vintage looking pouches


Pink pouch

Here is a new pouch I have made. I am trying to do as much as I can in terms of creative work but it is very limited as you can see...

A new pillow for Viggos room


A handmade birthday card for my father's birthday


First prototype

I have a new project...again:) I am going to sew pouches for diapers, extra baby clothing, baby cosmetics etc and try to sell them on Etsy. So far I have had time to make a diaper pouch prototype. What do you think?

My valentine!

We didn't really celebrate valentines but I made A a couple of gifts, a metal/leather bracelet and I also gave him some love coupons that he can use whenever he wants:)

Viggos new bag

I made Viggo a little bag that he can use for small toys and so on.

A new monster...

I know that it has been veery calm here and I am sorry about that! The reason is that we are going to move to a new continent soon and there are a lot of preparations to do. Anyways here is a new monster for you:)

A new mumin:)

A new creation

Here is yet another of my little creations, pink this time.

Viggo has a new friend

Say hello to Viggos new friend. I have made him a little animal (feel free to interpret what it is:). Viggo is still getting to know him as you can see.

A new kleenex box

I am so tired of seeing the ugly kleenex boxes everywhere so I decided to make a cover for the one in Viggos room yesterday.

A new notebook

I haven't been very creative lately because of Christmas, family visits etc but I have managed to do some small stuff such as this little notebook out of felt that I gave to my friend Lara for her birthday.

Yet another mumin troll

Viggos first book

I have made a fabric book for Viggo. It was a lot of fun and will try and make some more once I have time and a sewing machine that is not broken...

Another Mumin added to the family!


And a notebook for a sweet sister.

A new born

A new mumin troll for yet another newborn.

Viggos first sweater made by me:)

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