Moodboard bedroom

Since I just showed you the bedrooms I thought I would show you the ambiance of our bedroom once it will be done. It will be a cocoon with warm grey tones mixed with wood and an accent color, for example purple.

We have bedrooms!

When I came to the house a couple of days ago, a lot of things had changed! They have put up almost all the walls upstairs so now we have three bedrooms. The space looks much smaller now though because we have been used to see one big space, but I am sure it will change.
The hallway upstairs. In front is our little closet.
Bedroom 1 (will be either our bedroom or office/guestroom)
Bedroom 2 (will be either our bedroom or office/guestroom)
Bedroom 3 (will become a big dressing or office)

House update

One week nothing happens, the next everything goes really fast. Every night is a sursprise when we go and check it out.
Here is what have happened recently.

They have taken out the container but there is still a lot of junk to get rid of...

Spring has arrived! This is a beautiful view we have from one of the bedrooms!

The ventilation system in the house is installed.



Walls are being put up! Finally it is starting to look like a real house!




Moodboard kitchen

The end is getting closer and soon it will be time for the decoration part, the fun part in my opinion. To give you a clue about the style and ambiance we would like I will show some moodboards that I have done. We'll start with the kitchen. The overall look of the house will be modern, black & white with accent colors. The kitchen is not an exception. It is a mix of black and white with quite big surfaces and it being open towards the living/diningroom. A wooden floor will make it feel like a warm and Scandinavian looking kitchen.

The plan of the house

I don't remember having shown you the plans of the house. Since they are the way they are supposed to now (after all the changes that were done) I thought I would share them with you.

Ground floor :


First floor :

Things are happening!

Finaly the construction is moving again after 2 months of waiting. The exact reason why nothing happened for so long is still unclear but the important thing is that we are back in business!
This is what have happend the last two weeks :

There are cables hanging everywhere in the house. It looks like a jungle in there at the moment.


They have taken out the roof of the garage and the cave in order to redo it for the terrasse (which will be placed there).



The deep hole in the garden has been covered.

Electricity has started to be pulled from the house to the source.

The water system for the gutter is being installed.

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