Last week is was real winter here with snow! Me and Viggo were really happy!

Viggo is walking and playing along

A beautiful baptism

Last sunday we went to a beautiful Rumanian orthodox baptism. The church was amazing, all in wood and every centimeter of the walls was decorated. It was a bit of a challenge to get there though because this is what the highway looked like in the morning...

Nice chocolate

I just have to show you this beautiful chocolate that my sister and her fiancee brought from Sweden this christmas.

Galette du roi

As every year we have been eating the traditional French cake "galette du roi". There is a small thing inside and if you get it you have luck for the new year. I got it this time!

A new coffee machine

While my sister was here they bought a new coffee machine, a "syphone" coffee machine. Isn't it cool...? It looks like a small laboratory:)

Happy new year!

We had a full house for new years with people that we love! My sister and her fiancee like I mentioned before and A's cousin and his lovely family. We had a lot of fun even though we couldn't see any fireworks!

Viggos owl

My sister has made the most adorable owl for Viggo! I love it!!!

My wonderful sister!

My sister and her fiancee came for new years. I was so happy to see them and wish that we lived closer so that we could see each other whenever we want.

Toys, toys and more toys

Viggo got so many toys during christmas and his birthday! Here are a few plus his uncles fire truck.

Merry Christmas

Our christmas was spent at our place with A's father and his family. It was magic to see Viggo experience his first christmas (last year he was only 4 days old so that doesn't really count). We ate good, had a santa claus, lots of gifts and played Trivial Pursuit when the children had gone to bed.

Magic gifts

There is a really high end outlet in the east of Paris that sells Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Gucci and all those fancy brands. They had really nice christmas decorations outside!


We went to Versailles for the 30th time and they had made a new expo in the beginning of the visit. I love the walls with the engraved pattern!

A little visit to Paris and its romantic side

People put up a lock with their names on them as a romantic gesture. This bridge is completely full of them!

New sweater

Grandma made a really nice sweater for Viggos birthday. Thank you grandma Yvonne!

Viggo 1 year!

Our little Viggo has turned 1 year old! This year has just run by like a marathon with lots of fun and discovery! I didn't think it would be this fulfilling to have a child and every morning I can't wait to see what Viggo will discover  and learn!

A nice logo/packaging

I found this in our bathroom one day when we had guests staying over night. I really like the logo and the simplicity of the packaging! You can find their website here.

A happy Viggo

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