Dolce & Gabbana

I absolutely love DOLCE & GABBANA'S website. If there is one reference of the perfect website out there I think this one is not far away, especially the index page.

French modernity

My fiancee sent me a link to Citroen Picasso's website. I find it pretty cool especially the way they present the car. It is unexcpected and fun to discover the different universes.
To go to the website, click HERE.

Transparency graphs

Infographics sound really boring, I am sure you think about the ones they had in school with one blue line and one red line that moved up and down depending on the evolution. My fiancee sent me this link to a website that makes really cool and graphic infographics though.They take inspiration from the subject that is evoked.
I'll let you look for yourself HERE.

Alexander Wang

I am not an expert on fashion even though I think it's a lot of fun with new trends and mouvements. But I thought since it is the fashion week here in Paris now I would post a website that has to do with fashion. I guess there is nothing special about ALEXANDER WANG'S website, I just really like how it is set up, with the different technical solutions and the pure graphic design.

Design and Design

DESIGN AND DESIGN is a website where you can find a lot of inspiration within the graphic design world. There is also a vast choice of job ads from all over the world. Absolutely worth a visit if you look for a job or just to get inspired.

www.iamalwayshungry. com

I work a lot with websites and find new and innovative ones every day. Why not share this with you since they are sites that you don't just run into like that most of time. This website I find very interesting because it has a very new and original navigation. I say no more, go and discover it HERE

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