Peugeot salt and pepper

These two are new in our kitchen. Santa Claus gave them to me for christmas!

A nice logo/packaging

I found this in our bathroom one day when we had guests staying over night. I really like the logo and the simplicity of the packaging! You can find their website here.

My favorite cup

I have forgotten to show you my favorite cup at the moment. I love cups and have started to create a nice collection. My adorable sister gave me this cup from Rörstrand, illustrated by Lovisa Burfitt. I love drinking my breakfast tea in it, it's a great start of the day.
Now me and Viggo are sitting here waiting for the Royal Swedish court to announce the name of the newborn princesse. I am hoping it will be Desirée, but who knows... It's soo exciting!!!


I love this type of Scandinavian design with very graphic patterns and happy colors! MUOVO is a Finnish design brand with a lot of taste and I want everything! To me, good design is something that is fun and not too complicated and this is a perfect example of what I like!

Images from Muovo's website.


Summer is here and it is time to take out your summer cups and the tealights that you can place all over on your terrasse. SAGAFORM has a lot of nice things that would work perfectly for a summer lunch or a dinner out in the open. I have the herbpot (my parents gave it to me on my birthday this year) and I wouldn't mind adding a few of these things to my collection, the black genius candle holder for example or the breakfast bowls with the graphic flower decorations.

Images from Sagaform's website.

Arabia by Heini Riitahuhta

I love these designs by Finnish designer HEINI RIITAHUHTA for ARABIA! They are so summery and feels like they could last a really long time in terms of style and quality. Is this a new classic? Their names are magic as well : how about "Spring Drop" or "Winter Star" or "Autumn Glow"!? The young ceramic artist was inspired by the different Finnish seasons, as you can hear by the names.
You can buy them online at THE FINNISH DESIGN SHOP.

Images from

Funny mix

Yesterday I was looking for a birthday present for my cousin on SUPERMARKET'S website. I didn't find anything for her but I found these! They are neckties that are hand sewn and are woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape! and 50% colored thread. What is more amazing is that the tie fabric is apparantely audible if you run a tape head over it. The designer is Julio Cesar and the music that is recorded on the tape for the ties is from his cd "Between stations". A very smart advertisment idea!

Image from Supermarket.

Katrin Greiling

KATRIN GREILING has a master in fine arts from KONSTFACK in Stockholm 2005. She is originally from Munich and now has her industrial design company Studio Greiling. You can feel the Scandinavian influence in her design as well as something a bit more oriental. I really like her way of thinking and her original ideas!

Images from Katrin Greiling's website.

Very Swedish!

Can it be any more Swedish than this? Graphic patterns, bright happy colors and natural influences. I get very happy seeing this even though it is maybe a bit too busy for me. BRITA SWEDEN has managed to capture a feeling of happiness and pure Swedish nostalgia that is worth a lot!

Images from Brita Sweden's website.

United Nude

I just realised that it became a 100% Dutch day today!
Am I the only one that don't know that the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas is designing shoes and have a brand called UNITED NUDE? They just opened up a boutique in Amsterdam and it is of course Rem Koolhaas that has been in charged of the interior design. I have to say that I love the shoes. They have a strong architectual influence yet they feel very feminin! I want them all!!! Despite their different design, they look very comfortable on top of everything!

Images from United Nude's website.

Mr Mudd & Mr Gold

MR MUDD & MR GOLD is a new boutique in Stockholm. I love the way they describe their concept by saying :
"We look for our roots when the fad of what's new for news sake wears off. Hand made as opposed to made in a factory churning out thousands and thousands each day. Produced locally as opposed to outsourced. Products to be a part of your life for years to come as opposed to something with a shelf life of a season or two.
Brands with history, that tell a story, brands that complement each other, but work well on their own. In short, brands with a past, a present and most definitely a future."
The interior is designed by DANIEL FRANZEN. Can it be any more Scandinavian than this!?

Images from Daniel Franzen.

Kitchen helpers

There has come a lot of interesting kitchen products recently. Or what do you think about the "pasta hanger" or a purple version of the famous Le Creuset. Design meets utility and that we like a lot!

1. Glass jar from EVA SOLO
2. Breakfast bowls from STELTON
3. Butter and jam jar from ROSENDAHL
4. Pasta hanger from KITCHENAID
5. Purple LE CREUSET

SuperLounge #59

I am writing in an online magazine called SUPERLOUNGE and the new issue came out yesterday. I wrote an article about how the 1960's is back. Other articles that are interesting is an article about the new Volvo, Czech movie posters, Shanghai and many more.

The magic of nature

Wow! CHANEL'S winter collection 2010 was presented at "Le Grand Palais" in Paris this week and it was absolutely beautiful! I wasn't there in person but I saw it on tv. The ice in the middle of the catwalk is apparently real ice!!! Such a simple idea, but what an impact it has. And the scenography really puts the clothing in the right environment! It feels like we have gone to Greenland or the North of Sweden. The difference is that the fur is fake which makes me really happy!

Photos from Chanel's website.

Matthew Williamson, the king of patterns

MATTHEW WILLIAMSON is the English king of patterns and colors! His collections are quite different one from another but you can still always identify that it is him because who can make crazy patterns look elegant and sophisticated but Matthew Williamson?

Spring collection 2010

Summer collection 2010

Autumn collection 2010

Images from Matthew Williamson's website.

If I was rich...

I went to NET A PORTER today to dream a little bit. Wow, there where a lot of nice dresses! If you are looking for pret a porter but don't know what you want, Net a Porter is probably the best site out there that regroups the best of the best! There has been so many award ceremonies lately and this is what I would wear if I ever won an award and had a few thousand euros to spare.

Design Marchesa 5559 euros

Design Adam 534 euros

Design Issa 742 euros

Design Donna Karan 2141 euros

Design Diane von Furstenberg 702 euros

Images from Net a Porter's website.

New York talents

I didn't know who PROENZA & SCHOULER was until I saw them in the show I have talked about before. It was a pleasant surprise! They make beautiful pret a porter with perfect cuts and innovative ideas but they still remain uncomplicated and very wearable. And I love their bags, one of those are absolutely on my wishlist!
Proenza & Schouler are two young men who have taken their mother's maiden names and made a brand name out of them. I find this really cute and you could tell at the fashion show that their mother's are very proud of them!

Spring collection 2010

Fall collection 2009

Pre fall collection 2009

Photos from Proenza & Schouler's website.

Village spring/easter collection 2010

VILLAGE.SE is a Swedish company who makes products for your interior. I discovered their spring/easter collection for 2010 and there are quite a few things that are nice. The collection is modern yet romantic with very soft colors such as green, lilac and pink.

1. Flower pot, 59-99 SEK   2. Ceramic jar, 99 SEK   3. Napkin holder, 79 SEK   4. Vase, 99-169 SEK
5. Glass jar, 159-189 SEK

Images from website.

Amazing arts and crafts!

Last week I saw a documentary on the French/German TV station ARTE about the day before JEAN PAUL GAULTIER'S fashion show. It was amazing the way the people made the clothing. They actually sat there and sew on every single tinsel by hand! What was even more amazing is that 12 hours before the show, there was an embroidery that wasn't even started, but they managed to finish it in time (well almost, the show was almost an hour late, but still).
I have only managed to find a teaser for the show but if you have the possibility, there is another coming the 28 of January at 22.20 about PROENZA SCHOULER and the 4th of February it is SONIA RYKIEL'S turn.

And here are a few photos from the fashion show.

Photos from Jean Paul Gaultier's website.

Yellow and nature

The Danish design company LINE DEPPING seem to have a preference for natural materials and the color yellow. I really like yellow with other bright colors so it suites me pretty well. On top of that they have innovative ideas and concepts such as the table where you can throw everything into the middle pocket when it is dinner time for example. I am not sure that it is very practical but at least it's fun!

Photos from Line Depping's website.

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