Viggo and mamma

The inseparable two:)

So cute

Just a photo of a cute Viggo playing with his maracas:)

Nice visit

Last sunday we had a nice visit from Sweden. My friend Ida that I went to high school with came for an express visit. Viggo loved her!!!

It is 38 degrees outside!

Viggo is taking his first bath outside.

I can almost get up on my own!

It is still summer!

Viggo is 8 months old already:)

Here Viggo is in Versailles with Mamma, Tata and Farmor.

Viggo has a new haircut:)

One part of the garden is done!

Viggo is trying a baby biscuit

Hm, what am I wearing...?

Viggo & Mamma

Grandma visiting from Canada

Mmm, red beats is good!

Viggos first sweater made by me:)

An American fruit cobbler, so yummy!

A mumin troll for a newly born baby

A small gift for a nice mother

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