Yesterday me, Viggo, a friend and her baby were at the Swedish church in Paris to sing children songs and play. Viggo had a lot of fun and this is us after having a late lunch at Galerie Lafayette.

A sunny day

Viggo is out walking with Tata last weekend.

Eating pancakes

Viggo is sitting on a chair eating pancakes with Tata.

Viggos new slippers

Too big and not very practical but oh soo cute!

Sun and fun

This week is so beautiful with sun everyday and real spring feelings in the air. We have been outside of course and Viggo has discovered the garden and how much fun it is!

A happy Viggo!

Here I come!



Last week I made "semlor" as the tradition says (even though I remembered 2 days too late). What I did realize though is that I actually don't like them so A ate most of them...

Viggos first band aid

The other day Viggo cut his finger on something so I had to put a band aid on his finger so that he wouldn't smudge blood all over. He thought it was quite weird but accepted the band aid quickly.

New slippers

Another thing Santa brought me for christmas are these cute slippers!

Peugeot salt and pepper

These two are new in our kitchen. Santa Claus gave them to me for christmas!

We are published!

Recently there was an aticle in an interior magazine about our house! It feels weird but fun to see our home printed on paper:)

A new notebook

I haven't been very creative lately because of Christmas, family visits etc but I have managed to do some small stuff such as this little notebook out of felt that I gave to my friend Lara for her birthday.

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