Viggo is helping in the kitchen

It is warm!

Viggo borrowing my hat.

Viggo 7 months

Last friday Viggo became 7 months! He is becoming a real individual that knows what he wants. The girafe is still bigger than Viggo though:)

Red flower

Today I have finally planted this flower! I have no idea what its called but it will climb on the wall and have nice red flowers that you can see on the photo.


I think I like stripes...:)

Kleenex box

Today I made a completely useless kleenex box to cover the ugly one. I really like it but the problem is that I made the hole for the paper too small so it doesn't work... I have to figure out a solution so that I didn't make it for nothing.

Garden progress

The garden is advancing thanks to my wonderful man and some friends that come and help now and then. Here is one part where the grass is growing and the other part was done a couple of days ago so the grass will hopefully come up in a couple of weeks


Viggo and his new doudou that he received from our nice friends Nicolas, Veronique and their children Gabrielle and Hugo.

France's national holiday

This is the view we had in the evening of the 14th of July, fireworks!


Before I went to Sweden I made a few things to give away as gifts when I got there.

Sweden June 2012

Men and Viggo have been in Sweden for 3 weeks! It was great and I think that Viggo liked it too. A also came for a week since we had a wedding to go to.
Viggo is 6 months old and looks really surprised about it:)
A and Viggo at the wedding.
Viggo in a hat made by grandma.
Viggo at one of many family visits. Here with his great grandma.
Viggo is playing with grandma and grandpa.
Mmm, blueberries are good!
Viggo in mamma's sunglasses:)

Kitchen shelf

The kitchen shelf is painted! A has painted a lot when me and Viggo was in Sweden and I have to say that our place is starting to look really good! On the first picture you can also see the wood storage under the stairs painted.

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