New cat pillows

My two cats have a "tower" from Ikea in front of the window that they love to sit on and watch the birds! Yesterday I made two new pillow cases for it so that they have something new and fresh to lie on. Funny thing is though that they haven't been lying there since yesterday. Maybe they don't want to stain the white or it smells too clean or... It looks really good though and I am sure that I will find them there when I least expect it.

Photos Anna Nasstrom / The Modern Housewife.

Easy transformation

For you who are a bit tired of having the feeling of living at Ikea there are easy and fast transformations that makes the piece of furniture feels a bit more personal. You can for example glue a nice paper on to the drawers of a buffet. Just make sure to protect the paper by putting a plastic film on top.

Photos Anna Nasstrom.

Do it yourself / Shoe shelf

This weekend I have been quite productive. I have had time to make two pillows and a furniture for the tv. You have to wait a few days though to see the results since my fiancee brought our camera to the auto show in Francfurt today. While waiting I can show you another piece of furniture that we have made. Based on an Ikea book shelf that was just lying around in our basement we created a shoe cupboard. All we needed apart from the shelf was a few shoe shelves from Ikea that we painted light grey and a green piece of plexi glass that we used as a door.

Photo Anna Nasstrom

Photo Anna Nasstrom

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