Viggo and Eleonora are having fun!


Swedish midsummer

I found a Swedish club nearby where we live and we went there to celebrate Midsummer!

Viggo and Tata are playing with Viggos computer


Distillery district in Toronto

When we were in Toronto last time we went to the industrial part which is called the Distillery district, It was great fun and we saw nice design, nice buildings and had some really tasty food!

Viggo & Eleonora at the zoo


Second visit at Greenfield Village

This time Viggo got to go for a ride on a horse and carriage and a round with the carrousel. He loved it!

Lunch with a peacock at the zoo...


Viggo in a turban:)


Going to the park


Silly me:)


Viggo & Tata are planting flowers


We are having ice cream in the GM building


Viggo is driving Mamma's car


Breakfast time


Water is so much fun!


Viggo & Tata are coming back from the park


My summer boy:)



Hm, is there something wrong with mine and Adam's reading...sometimes Viggo has funny ideas:)

Good morning sunshine!


Bedside protection

I made a padded protection for Viggos bed since he still hits his head sometimes at night. It also turned out to be quite decorative I find.

Visit at Greenfield Village

Henry Ford built an end of the 19th century village next to the Ford museum when he was still alive. We went there for Memorial day and it was magic! Especially for me who loves this period in history!

Am I cool or what...!?


Restaurant visit

Having Sunday lunch with Tata and Mamma:)


Sometimes Viggo has to sleep with something special, like his hat or jacket...:)

Some old photos...

I found these old photos before Viggos haircut the other day and thought they were quite cute!
Swinging in the park.
In Plymouth with Tata and Mamma.
On our driveway.
Borrowing my friends husband's hat.
Cozy time.

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