A delayed update

I am so sorry about the poor update lately! The internet in the house doesn't work anymore for some reason and every time I get to work thinking that today I will update the blog, there is a ton of work to do. Now I have decided to take 5 minutes of my time to show you what has happened. (Sorry about the poor quality of the photos...)
The evacuation for the shower is done as well as the preparation on the wall.
The base for the shower is installed...
...as well as the tile on the floor.
Our monster of water tank has arrived.
A part of the toilet is installed downstairs.
And also upstairs...
They have covered it.
And tiled
The bathtub upstairs is installed.
With a very nice fosset.
And a beautiful tile.
The piping for the kitchen is done (at least on the inside of the house...)
Painting of one bedroom is done.
The wooden floor for the bedrooms has arrived (here you can see a part of it)


This is what have happened the last few weeks :
The electrical box is up
The radiators are in place
The electricity is done
Our bathtub is sitting in our bedroom waiting to be installed in the upstairs bathroom
Tile has been installed on the floor of the upsatirs bathroom

Second part of the front

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