One of each...


First photo taken by Viggo


It's fun to talk on the phone


Viggo in his new hat


And organizing again!


Good to drink when it's warm outside


It's fun to organize!


Viggo is playing with the Babushkas


Mine and Viggos gallery



This is what I call a cheese plate!

Thinking of you

My beloved Grandma has past away! She was a colorful person with lots of caracter and no fear. Her last moments were beautiful and I know that she is in a serene place now. Rest in peace my dear Mormor!
Photo from when we visited her in October last year.

Helping Tata


Wearing Tatas sock...


Viggo has new sandals


Sitting on the potty


Playing in a shopping mall




Friends hanging out


Flower boy


Viggo is watching Eurovision


Viggos first balloon (that didn't last very long)


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