A trip to Niagara Falls

We had a view over the Falls from the restaurant
We also visited a greenhouse in Niagara Falls.

Some of Viggo's christmas gifts


Viggo is decorating Grandma's christmas tree


Frozen rain in Toronto


Winter is here!


Christmas is in the house!

A very naked christmas tree but I realized just a couple of days ago that I gave almost everything away when we moved... So I have to go and hunt for some new nice decorations:)
And yes, for the very first time ever I bought a fake christmas tree...I think it looks quite good though a part from the lack of decorations.

You know you are in America when...

...you find a house like this!

Ginger cookies in the making

This is the first time I am making my own ginger cookies from scratch. They did not turn out perfect but they taste very good! And Viggo loved helping me!

Happy new year!

We had a full house for new years with people that we love! My sister and her fiancee like I mentioned before and A's cousin and his lovely family. We had a lot of fun even though we couldn't see any fireworks!

My wonderful sister!

My sister and her fiancee came for new years. I was so happy to see them and wish that we lived closer so that we could see each other whenever we want.

Merry Christmas

Our christmas was spent at our place with A's father and his family. It was magic to see Viggo experience his first christmas (last year he was only 4 days old so that doesn't really count). We ate good, had a santa claus, lots of gifts and played Trivial Pursuit when the children had gone to bed.

Original christmas cards.

It is time to send christmas wishes soon and if you would like to do something different this year, I have found a few designs that you can get inspired from. I am going to print mine today and hopefully be done so that I can send them next week.

Different christmas trees.

If you don't feel like having a traditional christmas tree this year, here are a few ideas of alternative ones. I think they are as nice and still give you that special christmas feeling.

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