It is still summer!

Friday mood / Vacation!

It is time for vacation, a long one this year! We are taking a whole month off so I think there will not be very much activity here the next few weeks. We will be too busy drinking umbrella drinks, having barbecues, going to weddings, seeing family and just relax.
Have a great summer everyone! I sure will!

Friday mood / Summer and lots of fruit

Apart from a quick stop at the store to buy some shelves for our kitchen, all we are going to do this weekend is relaxing and eating lots of fruit! That is pretty much the only thing I can eat when it is this warm, any effort in the kitchen makes me feel exhausted right away.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Friday mood / The good things in life

It is so hot in this country that it is unbearable! At 9 this morning it was already 30 degrees!!! Nevertheless, I love the village we live in and wouldn't change it for anything. The people are really nice, you wake up to birds singing and nature is everywhere. How can you not love a place where you can pick these wonderful roses and light up your interior!?
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Photo by Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

Friday mood / Midsommar!

Today it is the magic holiday Midsummer, one of my absolute favorite days of the year! I can really feel it for once, having had a beautiful day with at least 28 degrees and sun! I will celebrate the whole thing tomorrow though with a couple of Swedish friends. I am also going to surprise one of them with a little something. I will tell you more on monday in case she is reading this...
This photo, taken by CAMILLA KRISHNASWAMY, is a perfect representation for how I see midsummer! I love it!
Have a great midsummer weekend!

Photo by Camilla Krishnaswamy.

Friday mood / Oh yes...

Oh yes, I am in a wedding mood just like 90% of the Swedish population. Who does not know that our Princess Victoria will get married to her prince tomorrow!? I will of course see it live with a couple of friends in the Swedish church in Paris! I am so excited! I just hope that it will be as nice as everybody expects it to be, but with the amount of preparation they have, it should be more than a dream!
Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday mood / Birthdays and graduation

This weekend is full of parties! Today my little cousin is graduating in Sweden (Happy graduation Helena!!!). I was'nt able to go unfortunately but I am sure that she will have a great day!
Tomorrow a friend of ours is turning 40 and this is of course a really good excuse to have a big party! It will be lots of fun! Especially since all their friends are great and that we live 5 meters away from them (which means both me and A can sit and sip on some rose, or beer in his case, without having to think about who will drive...)
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Friday mood / Packing

Soon our appartment will look like this, white and empty because in one week it is moving time! This weekend we are going to take down our closet, pack clothing and move some boxes. And hopefully be out in the sun a bit too...
Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo by Stellan Herner.

Friday mood / Spring cleaning

This weekend it is a trip out to our terrain again of course. This time it is spring cleaning in a corner full of blackberries and lilies that is on the list.
Have a great weekend!

Friday mood / Busy and fun

This weekend is going to be very busy but with lots of fun. On the list is a fleemarket, a 30th birthday party, cake baking and gardening.
I hope that you will have a great weekend!

Friday mood / Thoughtful

This friday I am a bit in my own world. I just found out that my friend Nathalie's dog Tina died. Many of you probably think that it's just a dog, but she was a family member of their family and it will be very empty without her. She was with them for 15 years which is more than half of my friends life. So today I feel a bit like the girl on the photo.


Friday mood / Glad Påsk!

Glad Påsk (Happy Easter in Swedish) everyone! I hope that you will eat lots of eggs and have a cosy and fun time with your family and friends!

Friday mood / Freedom

Wind blowing in your hair, wearing short skirts, although with stockings, looking at the flowers making their way up from earth. It is spring and time to go out and breath the fresh air!
I hope that it is as nice where you are as here and that you will spend a wonderful weekend!

Photo by Susanna Majuri.

Friday mood / Love

On sunday, me and my fiancee have been together for 9 years!!! I don't think we'll do anything super special but I have planned to surprise him with a romantic dinner.
I am happier than the girl on the photo, trust me, I just liked the idea with the letters!

Photo by Tim Walker.

Friday mood / Rock'n roll

This weekend we are going to one of my best friend's birthday party! It is going to be a lot of fun, especially since her theme of the night is rock'n roll! I am going to do my best to honor the theme, but what I am most curious about, is what you eat at a rock'n roll party...
Have a great weekend!

Friday mood / Nice visit and party

Today my sister is coming from Sweden and I will pick her up in about an hour. It is going to be so much fun and I haven't seen her since August last year so it is about time!
The other fun thing happening this weekend is my 30th birthday party. There will hopefully be lots of people coming! I am really looking forward to this! What you can see in the photo are a few of the invitations I made for the big day. I decided to send by mail because I love receiving nice letters myself and nobody expects that anymore. I printed them on different colored paper and put them in a black envelope because the theme is "colorful black".

Photo Anna Nasstrom, The Modern Housewife.

Friday mood / Birthday dress

I have a lot of missions for this weekend and one of them is to find a dress that I can wear for my birthday. I love this one but maybe a little bit longer since it is not that warm in this country yet. I wanted to make the dress myself but unfortunately time is lacking. It will be for next time.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday mood / Creative friends au rendez vous

This weekend there will be a lot of fun with two of my closest friends tonight and a wonderful and creative couple coming for dinner tomorrow. Lots of fun in other words!

Photo by Claudia Goetzelmann.

Friday mood / Love is in the air

I have never liked the commercial part of St Valentine's. I think it's enough to show how much you love your other half with breakfast in bed or a picnic in the forest (it might be a bit too cold for that now though...)
I do sense passion, tango, red food, good company and happy tears this weekend. Something to look forward to in other words!

Friday mood / Hope for sun

I really hope there will be sun this weekend so that we can go somewhere and have a picnic. We enjoyed the first picnic of the year last sunday, but ones I start, it's hard to stop because I love eating out in nature!

Photo by Eva Edsjö.

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