Our first decoration outside

Yesterday we bought the first flowerpot for our garden. We have planted a lavender that looks nice next to the white gravel.

Delivery from Sweden

Yesterday we got a delivery from Sweden with plenty of nice things ; a beautiful fireplace, fossets, towel dryers, shower doors...
It is all put into safety at the moment while waiting for the house to be done. You will see pictures of all of this in the near future.


Not that much has happened to the house recently so we decided to do some work in the garden to have the feeling things are going somewhere.
Last weekend A took out the roots of a bush, and I can tell you he was really working, there were a lot of roots and deep too. Very impressive!
I have taken out the weeds and put nice little white stones in the piece of land that is next to the sidewalk. I still have half left to do but I think that it looks really good already!
All the roots that A took out.
The front part half done.

A quick update

This is what have happend recently. The plumber has finaly arrived and it is on the right track again!
Tomorrow we have a meeting with the constructor to see what is left to do.
Sorry about the low quality of the photos, I took them last night with my cellphone...

Bathroom downstairs


Hallway upstairs

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