Day 23 -25 / Windows and chimney are installed

The house is now closed up just in time for the first snow! We have to have a key to enter now!!! I think we are starting to feel the end even though all the inside and exterior finishing is still to do.

Entrance door.

Bathroom window downstairs.

Chimney outside.

Chimney inside.



Hallway and bathroom downstairs.

Two bedrooms upstairs.

View from our bedroom.

Bathroom and third bedroom upstairs.

Day 21 - 22 / All exterior walls are up!

First floor progress

Day 16 - 20 We have a roof!

The roof is finally done! Aftre many days of rain, the sky decided to be nice to us and give us some sun so that the roof could be placed.

Day 15 / The roof is almost done

Day 13 & 14 / The house is growing

I missed one day of the construction so here are what they did in two days.
The scaffolding is up and they started to put up the roof.

Day 12 / First floor

Day 11 / Structure is up, even on the inside!

Day 10 / Foundation done and structure starting to pop up

The construction workers are really good and are working with a speed that is not common in this country. They are an independant company that build only wooden houses. They are called SARL 71 and are based somewhere in the south of France.

Day 9 / Foundation is being put together

Weekend work

A is putting a protection around the house so that there won't be any weeds growing up.

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