New chairs

We are slowly erasing the Ikea feeling in the house and the newest buy are these 4 white Eames chairs. I have dreamt of having them for a long time and when A's colleague wanted to sell his, we couldn't resist. Now they are waiting for a nice table that can make them justice.

Fireplace half installed

The fireplace is in the house and after having received the last piece, we could install it where it is supposed to be. Now we have to dress it and install the missing part of the chimney, then we can sit in front of the fire and enjoy the heat with a cup of hot chocolate!

Relooking of stairs

The stairs have lost their sides and have been painted white. We are both surprised how much bigger the room feels now! Next step is to construct a box for putting wood under the stairs and putting up shelves.

Bathroom downstairs

I am so happy that the bathroom downstairs is ready! There are just a few details such as hanging up the mirror and put up lamps left.
On the other side of the shower I put up curtains to hide the water tank and the washing machine, it makes such a big difference!

The wall is ready to get dressed

The wall outside is finally ready for this time. They also made stairs so that we can access the higher part of the garden. In spring we'll probably dress it so that it will look good.

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